A Mulligan?

It’s really hard to figure out Philly.  Six months ago they trade Cliff Lee to Seattle and now they are trading for Roy Oswalt.  Net it all out and they saved about $4 million this year while taking on more salary for next year (and possibly 2012) while sending some prospects out and taking some in.  Considering the fact that Lee is the better pitcher, I think the Philly GM has a lot of explaining to do.

Enough about Philly, how about the Yankees?  Two interesting reports on the net today.  The first is Jorge Posada and the reports about the cyst behind his knee.   It’s old news is some ways, but the fact that it’s bothering him again may limit his availability to catch the rest of the way. Now, add in the reports that the Yankees are after Adam Dunn and I am confused.  

I’m not saying that Dunn isn’t a great hitter.  He is the consummate "three outcomes" guy, but he hits more than enough homers and draws more than enough walks to outweigh his many strikeouts.  But, he is a lefty and he also has not played anywhere besides first this season.  In short, he is in many ways a much more powerful version of Nick Johnson.  That could certainly add value to the Yankees, but if Posada can’t catch, where exactly do the Yankees play Dunn?  And when you consider the prospects the Yankees would have to give up for Dunn, why not go with the obvious internal candidate, Jesus Montero?

A month ago I wrote that it wasn’t the time to consider Montero. I gave a number of reasons, but I suggested that he should have another month of AAA seasoning because he was just starting to hit AAA pitching.  Since I wrote that, Montero has put up a .348/.463/.608 line.  I would still prefer that the Yankees keep him in the minors a bit longer, but if the choices are; starting Cervelli 3-4 times a week, trading for Dunn or promoting Montero, I promote Montero.  Flip-flop Montero and Posada from DH to C as needed and see what happens. 

UPDATE 4:10PM- Joel Sherman reports the Yankees are essentially out of the Dunn market unless the Nats significantly lower their pricetag.  All I can say is good! But, with Posada out of the lineup again, will Montero be summoned soon?