The Torch Has Been Passed?

I put the question mark at the end of the title, but it’s really not a question.  Joe Girardi had Joba Chamberlain available tonight.  Curtis Granderson hit his home run and after that three more Yankee batters came to the plate.  The inning changed and the Yankees chose to stick with Javier Vazquez. 

Obviously, there was more than enough time to warm up any reliever in the pen, but Girardi chose to turn the game over to Robertson when Vazquez got in trouble in the eighth and then to Logan when a lefty came to the plate.  I give Joe credit for that and also have to ask- what took so long?

Joel Sherman speculated today that the Yankees would send Joba to the minors.  Why wouldn’t they?  I’m not sure what there is to be gained by keeping him in the pen in the bigs now and maybe he could learn something in the minors (better put, re-learn something)  Of interest, Jason Stark is reporting the Yankees are trying to trade Chan Ho Park  One can only hope that means they will cut ties with him either way shortly and Albe will be back into the mix as part of the "bridge to Rivera". 

What seems clear is that changes are afoot in the Yankees’ bullpen mix.