The New M+M Boys

So Mitre is out of the rotation and Moseley is in it because Girardi thinks that Mitre isn’t physically ready to start. Isn’t that something the Yankees should have figured out before they activated him and let him start on Saturday? Can someone explain why a 29-year old pitcher with a career ERA of 5.45 in almost 400 innings of major-league ball is considered valuable? 

The amazing thing to me is that Sergio Mitre is still considered an asset for the Yankees.  He compiled a 6.79 ERA last year in over 50 innings of work.  The last pitcher to have that high an ERA in over 50 innings of work for the Yankees was Kei Igawa in 2007.  He appeared in two more games in 2008 and has not been heard of since, despite the fact the Yankees are paying him $4 million a year to win games for Scranton.  (Hey good news, Igawa’s deal runs out after next season!)  Mitre makes $825,000 this year, the Yankees could swallow that in a heartbeat.  They could have kept him on the DL and started Moseley in the first place on Saturday.  That would have kept Albe in the majors where he could have helped.  I don’t get the Mitre fascination.  Does he have damning evidence of a crime Joe Girardi committed?  

I blame Aaron Small for this.  Remember that 2005 season that came out of nowhere?  I think the fact that Small and Chacon basically came out of nowhere to combine for 17 wins made Brian Cashman into a full blown "dumpster diver".  He looks at the trash discarded by other baseball teams and hopes he can turn it into diamonds.  It worked for that brief moment with Small and Chacon and that made Cashman a believer.

Now we will get Moseley, a pitcher with a 5.38 ERA in almost 200 innings in the majors and a 4.97 ERA in AAA. A hot streak in Scranton has convinced the Yankees he is another diamond in the rough.  Who knows, maybe they will get lucky for a few starts and with Andy Pettitte reportedly healing quickly, that’s all they need.  But, it’s a flawed plan when they have two better arms in Nova and Albe wasting away in AAA.