A Saturday At The Ballpark

It has been said that your worst day at the ballpark is better than your best day at work, but yesterday tested that maxim.  It was hot, crazy hot, like standing on the sun hot.  The only good thing is that my seats are under the overhang and therefore in the shade.  To those fans sitting on the thirdbase side in the sun, I salute your endurance and question your sanity.  To those fans sitting on the Malibu Party Deck for most of the game, what were you thinking?  (It’s a new deck on the 400 level that gives you the chance to drink in direct sunlight.  I estimate the temperature there was 400 degrees.  The cop at the entrance said to me as I checked the conditions, "Forget frying an egg, I think the beer will boil".  Wise man that cop)

The day started with disappointment as I learned Albe had been optioned.  Can’t say I am surprised, but a dumb move by the Yankees.  That guy can help them.  Moseley, Mitre, Gaudin and Park are essentially the same thing- righties who are flawed in someway.

Disappointment turned to anger as Mitre did exactly what i thought Mitre would do.  Luck can’t last forever and yesterday Mitre’s ran out.  The Yankees and Mitre can make all the excuses in the world, but the fact remains that this guy just isn’t going to cut it.  His ERA is now up to 3.99 and his BABIP is only .221.  If it gets to the average level of .300, that ERA will be through the roof.  And don’t let Moseley’s work fool you.  He is even luckier than Mitre with an .161 BABIP so far.  Choosing between the two of them is sort of like chosing between a Yugo and a Pinto- either ride is probably going to get you hurt. And if that’s my choice, I reluctantly stick with Mitre because he is the guy who can give you more innings right now.

But there is another option, the same one that has been there all along.  Ivan Nova pitched 6-1/3 tonight at Scranton and allowed only one earned run while striking out six.  His BABIP is .300, which means he is right at the average and his sub-3 ERA at Scranton can be believed.  Furthermore, if the Yankees let Vazquez leave (probable) and Pettitte retires (50-50?) then they will have an opening in the 2011 rotation even if they signed Cliff Lee.  The Yankees can’t slot Nova into the rotation for Thursday, but they certainly could for the next go around in the rotation. With Haren off the market, it’s time to look internally for rotation help, why not try Nova?

BTW- made it through all nine innings and got a nice picture of the World Series Trophy. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to upload it to this site.  Ah well….