Wants and Needs – Starting Pitching

Part II:

Starting Pitching – No trades needed here, just better performance from the existing crew.  Jon Lester has been great after a rocky start to the season and Clay Buchholz has been what we all hoped he be.  It is up to the highest paid starters in John Lackey and Josh Beckett who have really disappointed.  Lackey can eat up innings, but he is paid to do much more, like be a top 2 starter when in fact he is pitching more like a middle of the rotation guy.  Certainly Lackey’s performance last night is something to build off.

Beckett has had 3 terrible outings which make his numbers look that much worse, but if you post a 7.29 ERA and are hurt and you’re paid a ton, you aren’t helping.  With Beckett now healthy and pitching tonight and Buchholz off the DL and Wakefield headed to the bullpen, this group should get better.

Tomorrow – Outfield