This Captures George

If you are a fan of Seinfeld, this story is a pretty good one.  For those of you who haven’t clicked yet, it describes George’s reaction to the parody they did of him on Seinfeld and how he tried to get them to change the first name of George Costanza.  It’s a classic Steinbrenner tale.

It also contains my favorite Seinfeld quote mouthed by the "fake" Steinbrenner- (said in regards to Babe Ruth) "Here’s something I just found out recently. He wasn’t really a sultan!"

Some other personal favorites

"We can’t have Big Stein flopping and twitching"

"Nothing but empty calories and male curiosity- hey Georgie?"

From a hot tub  "How’re you enjoying it, George? Melts that tension away, doesn’t it? You gotta get that jet on the good spot. Oh. Oh. Uh. Uh. Yes, that feels good. Yes, that’s real good. Oh yeah, that’s where I keep all my tension. Right down to that chicken bone.Sometimes I get my wife to just stuck her thumb right in there like a screwdriver. Ya know, the Phillips head, not the flat one. Oh God, those flat ones frustrate me. You got it in, but it slips out. You put it in again, slips out again. You a single man, George?"

"The pita pocket prevents it from dripping!"

Anyone out there have a personal favorite I missed?