That Was A Ballgame

If you didn’t watch Friday night’s Yankees’s game, you missed a great game.  Start with the whole Torre vs. the Yankees for the first time plot.  Then add the fact that A-Rod got "revenge" against his former manager by scoring  both runs and hitting the game-winning homer.  To ramp up the tension, put Vincente Padilla, the noted Yankee headhunter, on the mound and have him hit Cano.  Then have CC administer justice back to Padilla by drilling him.  If that wasn’t enough, put Mariano on the mound in the ninth with a one-run lead and watch him stirke out the the side, including Manny Ramirez.  And to cap it off, you had Don Mattingly or Joe Torre (I’m not sure which) ejected by the home plate umpire for arguing the final strike.  In short, you had a game with an October feel to it in June.