Five Years Ago Today

If you want to pinpoint the date when the Yankees changed the way they did business, May 2nd, 2005 is the day to pick.  That was the day that the Yankees decided to promote Robinson Cano from the minors and hand him the secondbase job.  It marked a change in organizational philosophy.  No longer would the Yankees automatically go with the veteran over the rookie, youth would be served.  Cano made his debut on May 3rd and has become a force in the lineup. 

It took a few years to get the plan implemented because apart from Cano and Wang, the Yankees’ farm system was somewhat barren.  But, Brian Cashman took full control of all baseball operations in October 2005, healing the Tampa-Yankee split and the results have been pretty good since then.  No, they haven’t won a title every year, but they are building an organization that can compete every year and that is all you can ask for. 

Pain In The Groin

Well the big news is that Curtis Granderson is headed to the DL.  Injuries are never good things, but there are two things that lessen the sting of this one.  First, it’s only May, that’s about as "good" a time to get hurt as any.  Second, Granderson isn’t doing much at all with the bat right now so he will be missed less than he would have if he were on a tear.

It will be interesting to see how the Yankees play this injury.  Obviously, Gardner is going to be the everyday CF now, but who is going to left?  LoHud is reporting that Mark Melancon is coming up (finally!) but that is probably just to provide some depth for a bullpen that was used a lot today.  I assume that after the Yankees feel comfortable with their bullpen, they will demote Melancon or maybe Logan (please, please, please) and activate either Golson or Huffman.  Huffman isn’t hitting in Scranton (.204) and Golson isn’t walking (.296 OBP) but I think Golson will get the call because he can play center and he can run well.  Colin Curtis is smoking the ball down at Scranton (.339/.435/.449) but he isn’t on the 40-man roster.

I would guess that Thames gets the lion’s share of time in left because Randy Winn just isn’t hitting.  Granted, he hasn’t had much of a chance to hit this year, but when you combine his 1-for-13 with 5 K’s so far with his line of .262./.318/.353 from last year, you have to wonder if he has much left in the tank.  The Yankees won’t give up on him yet, but Winn better start hitting soon if he wants to last the season.  


That’s one problem for the Yankees, the second is Javier Vazquez who stunk it up again today.  I don’t see how they can send him out to the mound next Friday at Fenway the way he is pitching.   Since Thursday is an off day, why not skip Vazquez’s turn in the rotation this time and then let him pitch again on May 12th against the Tigers in Detroit.  Detroit will be a much easier atmosphere to deal with and I really think the Yankees have to pull out the kid gloves with Javy.  The guy looks like he has no confidence and the Yankees have to find a way to get him back on track.


One final note on today’s game.  Why on earth did Joe Girardi pinch-run for A-Rod in the ninth with Ramiro Pena?  A-Rod may not be blazing fast, but he has good speed and stole 14 bases last year. Pena has never stolen in double digits and I don’t see how he upgraded the Yankees’ chances of scoring.  Plus, if they had tied the game, the Yankees would have been without one of their better hitters in extra innings.  It was an odd call by the manager and reminded me of that playoff game last fall when he did the same thing with Freddy Gonzalez pinchrunning for A-Rod.  I can understand why he chose to bring Johnson into today’s game, even at the cost of the DH spot, but not this move at all.

Anyway, back tomorrow with a look back in Yankees’ history.