Gaudin Is Back

According to Mark Feinsand, the Yankees have agreed to a minor league deal with Chad Gaudin and he will be activated after the Twins and Yankees complete the suspended game today. 

I’m all for trying Gaudin again.  Yes, his Oakland numbers were hideous, but while looking at that 8+ ERA, consider the fact that his walks were down, his strikeouts were up and his BABIP was .431.   His problems stemmed from giving up a lot more flyballs.  Is that something that will change in New York?  To me, it’s worth finding out for a low price.

Now the big question with Gaudin’s addition is who get sent away?  The Yankees could send a hitter down (please no!) but even if they did, they still need to create a 40-man spot for Gaudin.  I don’t think they are ready to put Aceves on the 60-day DL, that would seem to be an overreaction to news that he needs further tests.  Shane Lindsay hasn’t pitched for the Yankees yet, not sure why.  Obviously, they could kill two birds with one stone if they gave up on Chan Ho Park, but that seems unlikely.  They could also do the same with Randy Winn and that’s my guess.  100% speculation, but I think the move will be Winn DFA’ed and Gaudin activated.  Then when Granderson is ready Logan gets sent to the minors and the team goes back to 12 pitchers. 

UPDATE (6:47) Is this a hint?  Girardi announced on the pre/post game show that Russo is in the lineup tonight with Thames as DH.  Hmmmm

UPDATE (7:05) I was wrong about Winn.  They DFA’ed Lindsey (that was fast) and demoted Logan (two days early on that part.  So, still 12 pitchers which is good.  Now we can wait and see what happens Friday, but I think the chances of Winn sticking are near 100%  It makes no sense to keep him today and cut him Friday because it costs you a player (Lindsey)  So, perhaps Russo in left is about seeing if he can hit enough to keep him over Pena?