Interesting Lineup

The Yankees have put Kevin Russo in left tonight with a RHP on the mound.  I’m just spitballing here, but that makes me think they are considering releasing Winn when Granderson comes back. 

Winn hasn’t done much hitting this year, but the hitting he has done has been strictly from the left side of the plate.  (0-11 against LHP)  Winn is also a switch-switch hitter with Russo being a righty, so Girardi is ignoring the book with this move. 

I like it and I also like the move of putting Teixeira at DH tonight.  The Yankees have to find a way to get his bat going again. Overall, Teixeira’s May numbers look good (.836 OPS) but that was all done early in May.  Over the last two weeks he has put up a .626 OPS and over the last week he was 3-for-21 with one of those hits that baltimore chop against the Mets in the 9th Sunday.  It’s time for his to get going and it’s time for the Yankees, losers of 9-of-15 to get going again too.  Boston has revived as expected and Tampa looks awfully good.  The schedule gets very favorable after this series, but it would certainly be nice to get two of the next three as well.