Who Gets The Call?

By now you’ve probably heard the news about Posada and the hairline fracture in his foot.  He is headed to the DL.  (Just a side note, how come nobody thought to x-ray or test this foot before yesterday?)  That means the Yankees have to recall a catcher from AAA and that means there is a chance we could see Jesus Montero in the big leagues.

There are two reasons I believe we could see Montero.  The first is, no matter what they do, the Yankees are going to have to add a catcher to the 40-man roster to get a catcher to the Bronx.  So, they might just want to add Montero now, since he obviously will be on the 40-man in the near future. 

The second reason is, Montero would have a chance to get some serious playing time right now.  Obviously, he would backup Cervelli and catch, but you may have noticed the Yankees are running out of bodies on the bench.  Montero could step in as a DH on most nights and with the Yankees scheduled to face two LHP’s this weekend, albeit without the DH, they might want another righty power bat available.  

However, there are very good reasons that he won’t be promoted.  First, he is hitting all of .230 right now in AAA with a sub-.400 slugging.  Additionally, he was benched last weekend for not running out a ground ball.  Throw in the fact that Miranda can DH and Thames is not expected to miss significant time and I would bet we will see Chad Moeller make his return to New York tonight.

One thing’s for sure, the Yankees have two moves they are going to make today.  I imagine the first one is Posada to the DL for Golson and the second is Melancon back to the minors for a catcher.  Hopefully, the last two night’s have cured the Yankees of their desire to carry 13 pitchers.