It’s A Mystery

Corey and Mitchell commented on it and I am still fuming over it, how on Earth can the Yankees send down an outfielder last night knowing that Swisher and Posada were hurt?  I get the need to protect the pitching staff from burnout, but there are many creative things the Yankees could have done last night. 

For instance, why not let Andy Pettitte pitch an inning of relief since it was probably his day to throw anyway?  Plus, they had Vazquez available and if he pitched and couldn’t start Friday, they would have been able to go with Mitre again.  It’s not optimal, but it would have allowed them to have more than one guy available off the bench.

And the amazing thing is, they are making the same mistake tonight.  They are going to keep 13 pitchers on the team with Posada and Swisher banged up.  That means the Yankees have to start Thames in right, the only other choice would be Ramiro Pena!  

I really don’t know what else Marcus Thames has to do to convince the Yankees his glove is for emergency purposes only. I like the guy, he is fun to watch with the bat, but I close my eyes when the ball is hit his way.  I’m also not sure why they have him in right instead of left.  Randy Winn had five assists last season, Marcus Thames has 9 (yes 9!) in his entire career.  That, plus what I have seen with my eyes tells me that Winn has the better arm, so shouldn’t he be in right?  I remember watching a Mets game in the mid-80’s that went 20 something innings and they ended up with a pitcher in the outfield and they shuttled him between right and left depending on whether a righty or a lefty was up.  Maybe the Yankees can look into that with Thames and Winn?

Insanity is sometimes defined as doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.  The Yankees got burned carrying 13 pitchers last night, tonight they are going to try it again.  Perhaps they are just crazy?

UPDATE 9:20pm- Something tells me that they are going to get an outfielder added to the roster now.  I’m no doctor, but that looked like Marcus Thames rolled his ankle at the very least. LoHud is reporting Thames sprained the ankle.  Now appearing in right is Ramiro Pena.  Yikes, this is getting really bad.