The First Hiccup Of 2010

Sooner or later it was going to happen.  The Yankees were going to go through a stretch where they didn’t play very well and that time has arrived.  Losers of 3-of-4, New York is floundering a bit right now and it might be time for Brian Cashman to make a tweak to the roster.

I think we can all agree that the bullpen stands out as the biggest culprit of these loses.  Joba gave up the big homer Friday.  The intentional walk reversal on Sunday led to a home run off of Marte and Logan and Robertson combined to lose last night’s game.  

Now Joba and Marte aren’t going anywhere.  Joba has pitched pretty well and Marte is making $4 million this year.  Aceves has pitched decently and Marte is the best of the bunch right now so that leaves Robertson and Logan.

I wouldn’t give up on Robertson yet, because the evidence points to him being incredibly unlucky more than anything.  He is still striking out a ton of guys and his walks are actually down compared to last year.  His fastball is averaging 91.7 mph, the exact number it was last season.  He is getting more ground balls than he ever has and he is allowing fewer line drives.  So why is he getting killed?  Because hitters are hitting .600 against him when they put a ball in play.

That’s a function mostly of luck and the Yankees would be wise to let Robertson keep pitching in the bigs for now.  With Logan it comes down to what do you think is going to help this team more- a lefty specialist or another arm in the pen?  I made the case against Logan and for Melancon in this post and I think it still applies.  If Melancon isn’t to the Yankees liking, how about another shot for Albie (0.77 ERA in AAA right now) Either way, the Yankees should take advantage of their relievers with options and make an adjustment to the pen.