Is This Working?

The Red Sox made a clear shift from bashing to defense this off-season.  The players they got to play defense aren’t totally inept at offense, but they are best known for their defense.  Well, at least Adrian Beltre and Mike Cameron are, Scutaro is known for holding his own defensively.

Thus far, each has cost his team a victory.  In the opening season series against the Yankees Scutaro’s low thrown allowed the winning run to score.

On this past Friday night’s game (continued on Saturday), Adrian Beltre lost an infield flare in the lights allowing the first run of the game.  The Red Sox tied it and would have won it in 9 had Beltre made the play, instead the TB Rays won it in extra innings.

Lastly, Mike Cameron made a game changing/losing error in the top of the 1st on Saturday’s game (the 2nd one) which led to a 4 run inning instead of a 0 run inning had be made the catch.

It is early, but so far this defense experiment isn’t working with the Red Sox 4-8.  For those savvy with number crunching, how many times did the Red Sox go 4-8 (or worst) in any 12 game stretch last season?

It’s easy to blame the new guys on defense, but we are really looking at a perfect storm of lousiness.  The starting pitching, bullpen and offense are all stinking a bit.

Extended spring training is over boys, time to pay attention and win a few games.