Speak Up A-Rod

There is a story building about A-Rod and Dr. Anthony Galea. Galea is being investigated by federal authorities after getting stopped at the border bringing HGH into the country.  So far, he has been tied to Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, Huston Street and Tiger Woods.  Now, Galea is saying he treated A-Rod last year after hip surgery, but only gave him anti-inflammatory drugs.

Now, on the surface that shouldn’t be a problem, but as with all things A-Rod there are some other details that need to be considered.  Start with this statement from the Yankees:

"The New York Yankees have not been contacted with regard to an investigation of Dr. Tony Galea. The Yankees never authorized Dr. Tony Galea to treat Alex Rodriguez, nor do we have any knowledge of any such treatment.

Assuming Galea is telling the truth, then A-Rod went behind that team’s back to get treatment.  Not exactly a great thing to learn.

But the bigger issue is obviously Galea’s involvement with HGH.  Assuming what Galea said is true, A-Rod’s only "crime" is not getting authorization from the team for treatment.  If that is indeed the case, A-Rod should apologize to the Yankees and get a statement out about this ASAP.  Otherwise, the speculation and distractions will start to build.  Neither Alex nor the Yankees need that right now.