A-Rod Walking The Walk

When A-Rod’s boli admission came out last year I wrote this:

But, I am also really sick of this whole thing and if Alex steps up and tries to speak out against steroid use and supports the Tyler Hooten Foundation then I will move on too.  Alex asked to be judged from this point forward and the ball is in his court on that.

So, I was very pleased when I read this story on Friday which included this quote:

Don Hooton, the father of Taylor Hooton, would not give details, in a telephone conversation Thursday, about how often Rodriguez had spoken to youth groups. But Hooton said: “He has been phenomenal. He has a strong message to the kids. He has delivered to the letter and the spirit.”

And this one:

Asked Thursday about his promise last year, Rodriguez said: “I don’t think it serves a big purpose to get into it, but I will say that actions speak louder than words and that Don has a great message. The more I can do with Don, in spreading the message, the better person I will become, too.”

And this one:

Hooton, who has been to a number of Congressional hearings about drugs, joked that the young people Rodriguez addresses were tougher with him than reporters were.

“They go right for it: ‘Why did you do it? Where did you get them?’ ” Hooton said.

Perhaps A-Rod’s second act will be what he is remembered for one day.