They Couldn’t Afford Him?

Reed Johnson has signed a deal with the Dodgers that will earn him an ENORMOUS $800,000 next season.  I am just wondering why the Yankees couldn’t have found the spare change for this deal?

Last year Johnson put up splits of .324/.403/.500 against LHP.   For his career he has hit .313/.378/.463 against LHP.  Doesn’t this sound like someone the Yankees could have used in 2010?  I simply can’t believe $800K kept them from signing him and I don’t get it at all. 

Sergio Mitre is going to earn 800K this year and his role right now is 9th starter.  (Yup, that’s right 9th starter think about it…Sabathia, AJ, Andy, Vazquez, Joba, Hughes, Aceves, Gaudin…Mitre!)  Wouldn’t having an outfielder who could hit lefties be more valuable than Mitre to the Yankees as they are currently constructed?

I can only hope that this means Marcus Thames or Johnny Gomes are on their way on a minor league deal.  Otherwise, I will continue to scratch my head over the approach to the 25th man on the roster.