Randy Winn?

Joel Sherman is reporting that the Yankees have signed Randy Winn to a one-year deal.  This is a move I don’t get at all unless there is another move coming.  Yes, Winn is right handed and he can play all three outfield spots, but he is coming off a year when he hit .262/.318/.353 and put up a .384 OPS against LHP. 

We don’t have contract information yet and that will really determine if this deal was good or bad.  If they added Winn for very little money to play a bench role, that’s great.  Otherwise…..

UPDATE: Sherman is saying that Winn got about $2 million and the Yankees valued him more than Reed Johnson.  That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  Also, that means this signing is the last move the Yankees will probably make this offseason and if so, it’s kind of like finishing a great dinner with a $2 cigar.