It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

You may have heard that David Cone is not returning to the YES booth next year.  What you may not have heard are the reasons and Joel Sherman details them today.  One of the main reasons apparently is a fight Cone had with a YES executive after he said the team would fall out of playoff contention if it kept playing poorly.  The executive came to Cone and said that Hank Steinbrenner didn’t like that comment and Cone shouldn’t make more comments like that.

That YES is a propaganda vehicle for the Yankees is no shock, but why does it have to be?  It is downright painful to listen to Michael Kay and some of the other announcers when the Yankees are playing poorly because they act as if everything is great.  I don’t know why the YES executives are so fearful of honesty.  If the Yankees stink, let the announcers say that. People are smart enough to figure out the quality of what they see on the tube.  YES seems to want to resemble a communist news organization, giving only its version of the news and blocking out any criticism of the team.  

As I was thinking about this, I realized that YES broadcasts the Nets during basketball season.  I am going to have to give them a listen and see what they say about that team.  If they won’t criticize the Nets and their 3-40 (yes, 3-40!) record, then there is no chance they will criticize anything and that’s a shame.