A Good Trade That Won’t Matter Much

The Yankees added Greg Golson to the roster today in exchange for Mitch Hilligross.  It’s a swap of two 24-year olds, but Hilligross has never gotten out of A ball while Golson has made 7 AB’s in the bigs.  It’s basically adding something for nothing, but the "something" isn’t much to get excited about.

Yes, Golson was once a #1 pick and yes he reportedly has great speed and a great arm.  Add in the fact that he is righthanded and you suddenly think the Yankees might have found the piece they need for their outfield.  But, the problem is Golson can’t hit.  He has a career .308 OBP in the minors and put up a line of .258/.299/.344 in AAA last year.   Sure, he could suddenly put it together, but it is unlikely.

Then again, he can play outfield at AAA next year and he certainly could fill the role that Freddy Guzman did in the playoffs last year.  At the cost of Hilligross, that’s a pretty good return.