Bay to the Mets

WFAN, Jon Heyman and others are reporting that Jason Bay has an agreement with the Mets.  4-years, $66mm.  It is easy to question what Bay and his agent were thinking, but they clearly overplayed their hand and now Bay is in a large baseball park when he could have returned to Fenway for a reported 4-years, $60mm.

Hind sight is 20×20, I mean he couldn’t have known he’d be down to 1 suitor, but he must be kicking himself.

Regardless of how he is feeling, Bay was one of two legit sluggers on the market and now his signing (presumed) leaves only Matt Holliday available, just the way Scott Boras wanted it all along.

What this also does, is leaves some financial flexibility for moves later in the season for the Red Sox.  But it also means the Red Sox offense is a step below where it was in 2009.  Something they will have to address at some point in 2010.