Room for Bay?

The Red Sox have already had an active off-season leading most to believe they are done shopping.  But now WEEI’s Rob Bradford is reporting that the Red Sox are having internal discussions as to whether or not they can make another offer to Bay, thus boosting their line-up and saving Bay from certain embarassment and torture should he become a New York Met.

Bradford suggests that an offer would be in line with their previous 4-year, $60mm deal they offered earlier in 2009 and again at the outset of free agency.

My guess here, assuming these reports are true, is that Red Sox management feels Bay would be crazy to not accept a 4/60 offer…or even a 4/56 offer for that matter.  They’ll let him save face and take the 4/60 and be done with it.  It is rumored that Bay has only 1 suitor right now in the Mets and really doesn’t want to play there.  Bay and his agent have overplayed their hand and would do anything short of beg for another crack at negotiations with the Red Sox.

Now if this does happen, there will be an outfield logjam what with newly signed Mike Cameron on-board.  In addition, it turns out Mike Lowell is still on the Red Sox too.  I’m not sure how this will play out, but if Lowell still ends up getting dealt (his surgery will have him ready by spring training and he could still be dealt to Texas or another team at that point), then Bay could be valuable in case David Ortiz doesn’t pan out in 2010.  In addition, he can hold a semi platoon with Ellsbury (with Cameron moving to CF), Ortiz and Drew (with Bay playing left and Cameron moving to RF).

Between injuries to Drew, tough match-ups to Ellsbury, Ortiz and Drew and regular days off for all of to the outfield and Ortiz, he will easily find enough at bats.  In fact, it is silly to think Bay would have to struggle for at bats, in fact it will be Cameron, Ellsbury and Ortiz that will struggle to get at bats in favor of Bay.

I’m getting ahead of myself here, but I love the idea of this as Bay would significantly upgrade the offense and seeing as we know he can play in Boston, likes it here, and seeing as Bay doesn’t want to play in New York, it all makes sense.

Lastly, with Lackey and Bay on board, Ellsbury and/or Buchholz, as we’ve mentioned, become even more available for a mid-season run at an offensive upgrade at 1st or 3rd, that is unless you like the idea of 600 PAs from Casey Kotchman this year.  Let’s watch this play out.