What’s Next?

I am kicking myself a bit this morning for not paying closer attention to what Brian Cashman said at the beginning of the offseason.  It was a very telling quote that I used as a post title- "We have to get younger

Well along those lines Brian Cashman has done exactly that.  Gone is the 36-year old left fielder and in his place is the 28 year-old  centerfielder.  Gone is the 35 year-old DH and in his place is the 31-year old DH.  In addition, they swapped out $26 million in salary for (reportedly) $11 million in 2010.   And, from reading the papers this morning, especially the Daily News, it’s pretty clear that the Yankees just felt Matsui’s knees were a ticking time bomb.  If that is what the Yankees’ medical people felt, it’s tough to argue with them.  After all, they have been treating those knees the past few years, so I assume they know what they are talking about.  In light of all that, I can’t blame Cashman for turning away from Matsui.  

The thing I wonder is if these moves mean that we will see Xavier Nady return to New York.  I simply don’t believe that the Yankees would start Melky in left and Nady would probably only cost a few million plus incentives and you would only have to sign him for one year.  That would enable him to reestablish his value and leave the Yankees in place to bid aggressively in the 2011 free agent market.

If you project out the roster right now, you can see 9 pitchers who are locks (CC, AJ, Andy, Joba, Hughes, Rivera, Robertson, Marte, Aceves) A bunch who could fill the final few spots (Gaudin, Mitre, Dunn, Alibie, Ramirez, Melancon) Some good choices in that group, but plenty of room for another arm from outside the organization.

You have two catchers (Posada and Cervelli) Six infielders (Teixeria, Cano, Jeter, A-Rod, Johnson and one of the Pena/Russo/Corona group) and four outfielders (Granderson, Swisher, Cabrera, Gardner. 

That leaves four spots, at least another outfielder and two more pitchers.  The names I listed are in the running, but the Yankees are still shopping.