No Nick Johnson

The Yankees are "talking" about Nick Johnson.  I am not sure what "talking" means, but it must at the very least mean that they are considering offering him a contract.

To me that makes little sense.  The Yankees just said good-bye to Hideki Matsui because he couldn’t play a position and they worried about his health.  Johnson can play first, which is of little help to the Yankees and he is very brittle.  

Now, if Johnson wants to come to New York and play 80-100 games at DH for a few million bucks, that’s different, but I wouldn’t pay him anywhere near what Matsui got and I wouldn’t guarantee him the role of full-time DH.  The Yankees are looking to increase roster flexibility.  The best way to do that is sign someone who can play the outfield and DH.  You know, like Johnny Damon for example…