Mauer Matters

The Twins are trying to get local boy, Joe Mauer, to agree to a contract extension and their success or failure will have a big impact on the Yankees’ offseason.

If Mauer doesn’t agree to an extension he will become a free agent after 2010, and considering he is a catcher and only 27, he will be looking at a monster contract.  Obviously, the Yankees would be one of the favorites to sign him in this scenario.  Knowing this, New York could gamble and put their best prospect, Jesus Montero into trade proposals if they thought they could sign Mauer after the 2010 season.  I know people are a bit down on Joba, but imagine what a package with Joba and Montero in it could fetch. But, if Mauer stays in Minnesota (and I think he will) the Yankees need to have internal options to play catcher and therefore must hang onto Montero.

I read today that the Twins hope to have these talks concluded by Christmas, so we should have an answer by then.  Whatever happens, the Yankees will definitely be watching.