Well AJ Burnett was brilliant, standing up and delivering in his biggest start as a Yankee.  Now things are tied up 1-1 and the Yankees can breathe again.  Some notes from the game

Derek Jeter bunting in the 7th was terrible.  Posada is so slow that unless you lay it down perfectly, it is probably 1st and 3rd with one out.  But, continuing to bunt with two strikes has to be the dumbest thing I have seen him do on the diamond.

Good to see Girardi go directly to Mo.  It was the right call, but one he will not have the luxury of making often with Games 3,4, and 5 on consecutive nights.  

A-Rod looks like bad A-Rod, not sure how the Yankees fix that, but ugh.  

The Yankees really aren’t hitting and going to Philly means you lose the DH.  Just spitballing, but what about putting Matsui in the OF one of those games?  

Still don’t understand Haiston getting the start in right, but letting him hit in the 7th was a no-brainer.  Pedro was at 99 pitches (I guess Manuel never talked to Grady Little) and if you pinch hit for him Pedro is coming out of the game.  I would rather have Hairston take a hack at tired Pedro than Swisher or Gardner facing someone fresh from the pen.  

Ultimately, the Yankees got a win they needed and have to feel pretty good heading into Saturday.  More tomorrow