Could Cervelli Make The Postseason Roster?

Last night was another good start by AJ Burnett, something very positive to see, but it also came with Jose Molina behind the plate.  Molina has been behind the plate a lot recently when Burnett pitches and it is becoming increasingly hard to ignore the fact that Burnett has put up a line of .212/.303/.333 with Molina catching him and .270/.353/.421 with Posada catching him. 

Now Burnett has one more start and that is Sunday and I am very curious to see what the Yankees do.  Will they try and put the combination of Posada and AJ back together again and hope it works?  Or will they bow to the gorwing evidence that those two can’t play nicely with each other?  And what happens if Posada catches Burnett and he blows up again?

I think the answer to that is Francisco Cervelli making the postseason roster.  That would allow the Yankees more flexibility in pinch-running for Posada and allow them to use Posada as the DH if Molina caught AJ.  The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that Cervelli is going to make it.  Just another thing to watch in this final week.