Step One

You have to feel great about this team right now.  They beat the two most dangerous teams (at least in the AL) five-of-six this week and clinched the AL East and best record.  It’s a long way from 13-15 and 0-8.  

None of that matters now.  The Yankees have a week to fine tune a couple of things and most importantly, stay healthy.  You have to figure there are three questions heading into the final week.

1- Is Joba fixed?  If he has a good start this week you nod yes and cross your fingers

2- What will the postseason bullpen look like?  I would bet they take 10 pitchers.  CC, AJ, Pettitte, Mariano, Hughes, Aceves, Joba and Coke would be my locks right now.  I think Robertson and Marte are probably the favorites for the final two spots, but Gaudin could make a case as could Bruney.

3- Which ALDS format will the Yankees pick?  This one won’t be answered until we know for certain who they are going to play and how Joba pitches next week.

For now just enjoy this.  The 2009 Yankees are a fun team to root for.