A Good Start

First things first, let’s hope Jon Lester is ok.  That kid has been through more than his fair share of health issues and I hope he isn’t badly hurt.

As for the game, you couldn’t ask for a lot more from the Yankees.  Joba looked a lot better.  Was it knowing he could pitch six innings?  Was it the talk he had with Girardi?  At this point I would believe pretty much anything and I am hopeful we see that again in five days when he faces the Royals.

You also have to like the fact the Yankees ran on Boston every chance they got. Expect more of it tomorrow with Matsuzaka on the mound and I am sure the Angels will take note of that approach. 

Speaking of noticing things, is Bruney hurt?  If not, Girardi has basically shunned him off the team.  I can’t think of any other reason they would use Albie in the 7th tonight.  And speaking of the 7th, Marte may have made the playoff roster by getting Ortiz out.  I bet Girardi wants two lefties and Marte is making his case.  A bullpen of Rivera, Hughes, Aceves, Robertson, Coke and Marte would cover a lot of situations.  

More tomorrow as we celebrate Yankeesredsox.com day in the Bronx.