The Move The Yankees Should Make

Tomorrow night at midnight postseason rosters are sort of set.  I say sort of because there is a convenient loophole that teams always exploit. 

The rule is basically that anyone on your active roster plus your DL is eligible for the postseason.  So for the Yankees it is the 25 guys currently in the majors plus Gardner, Wang and Nady.  Now, we all know that no matter what, Wang and Nady won’t be healthy for the postseason and that is the loophole.  The Yankees can replace Nady and Wang with anyone in the organization as long as they play the same position.  So, Nady could be replaced by Austin Jackson for example.  

So, with 13 pitchers and 12 hitters, the Yankees can keep the roster as is tomorrow and then use Nady and Gardner’s injuries to subtract two pitchers and add two oufielders (with Gardner obviously being one of them)  But, why not give yourself maximum flexibility tomorrow and bring Ramiro Pena back and demote a pitcher?  That would give the Yankees 13 bats and 12 pitchers on the playoff roster, but remember the injuries to Wang, Nady and Gardner mean they could change the roster to contain anywhere from 10-13 pitchers or 12-15 batters- basically a very flexibile situation. 


Joba pitched an inning more than I thought he would today, but that may have been a function of economy (only 35 pitches) more than anything else.  Unfortunately, the results were not great, but let’s see a couple of more "short" turns before we evaluate it.