Thank You!

The Yankees have amended the "Joba Rules" in a very smart way.  Joba will get the ball every fifth day, but he will be limited in the innings he throws.  His last start will be around six innings so he would be ready to go at full strength if the Yankees make the playoffs. 

I think this is a much better plan that the "your next start will be revealed to you later" plan.  Joba is trying to establish himself in this league and he doesn’t need the distraction of wondering when he is getting the ball next.  Now he knows and I think that will help him.

The interesting thing to watch will be how the Yankees limit Joba over the next month.  He has pitched 130 innings so far and if they want to keep him at 160 for the season we can take a pretty good guess and it looks something like this:

August 30th- 2 Innings

September 4th- 2 Innings

September 9th- 2 Innings

September 15th- 2 Innings

September 21st- 3 Innings

September 27th- 3 Innings

October 3rd- 6 Innings 

You would have to assume as things stand that means Chad Gaudin gets the ball after Joba but that could change too.  Now the only question that remains is how will Joba perform under the new rules?