Fact and Fiction

Fact: A.J. Burnett blew up in his last start throwing to Jorge Posada

Fiction: Posada and Burnett can’t work together.

Fact: Before that start, Burnett and Posada had compiled a 4-3 record and an ERA of 3.00 over their past ten starts together.

Fact: Joe Girardi didn’t exactly make this better by starting Posada last night making it necessary to start Molina today.

I think what you have are two "opinionated" players in Jorge and A.J. and that means sometimes they wil disagree.  That doesn’t mean they cannot work together (see Fact #2) but they might need someone to help them get on the same page.  I don’t know if they have found that person yet.  I think the guy who needs to play that role is Girardi, but he seems better at creating controversy (see Fact #3) than stopping it.  He certainly caused more column inches to be wasted on this today by his choice of catchers.  Which leads me to my final fact.

Fact: No matter what you think, Posada would catch AJ in the playoffs.