A Penny of Your Thoughts

You want my thoughts?  Fine.  Brad Penny is gone and I am very happy.  He did not pitch well for the Red Sox and, in fact, really hurt them (lost 7, won 6).

Good luck to all the teams rumored to have interested in Penny.  Here’s a quick scouting report:  He throws 90% fastballs and 10% miscellaneous (curves, wild pitches, balks, time outs, hit batters, more fastballs).  His fastball is fast, but very straight, just ask the Yankees who were quoted as being elated he threw straight, fastballs.

Now that I have breathed out the bad and am now breathing in the good, we can move on.

Tim Wakefield looked great Wednesday night and it was nice to see David Ortiz look like the Ortiz of old (Yankees fans, please start your comments now).

Welcome Billy Wagner.