The New Lefty

In a last second change of heart, Billy Wagner decided he did want to come to Boston and waived his no-trade clause.

Piecing together various reports:

 – Red Sox will assume the rest of his 2009 salary (approx $2mm)

 – The Red Sox agreed not to exercise his 2010 option

 – The Red Sox did retain the right to offer him salary arbitration (he is a Type A as of this post meaning the Red Sox would get a first round pick and a sandwich pick in the 2010 draft if he signs elsewhere).

 – The Mets will get two AA level pitchers as compensation

 – A fight has been scheduled, underneath the bleachers, at midnight, between Wagner and Jonathan Papelbon.

I like this addition.  There are risks as Wagner is 38 and is coming off Tommy John surgery, but with Enrique Gonzalez on the 25-man and Brad Penny without a rotational spot (seriously, Gonzalez is better than Penny right now), there are 2 main candidates to be cut.

Adding a power lefty to the pen is always a good thing, but what worries me most is what we’ve seen in recent years with the Red Sox.  They go out and get a decent National League arm only to have that arm fizzle, loudly.  Examples include Eric Gagne, John Smoltz and Brad Penny.  Of course Takashi Saito has seemingly made the adjustment and obviously it can be done.

But the AL East is a tough place to learn the American League.

No word if we can expect to see Wagner tonight.  The Mets are playing in Florida tonight and given the deadline on this deal, I have to assume the Mets charter had already landed in FLA or was well on its way.  I think John Henry might shuttle Wagner back up North in his private plane, no?