A Small Complaint

Joel Sherman wrote an amuisng piece in the Post today about how Yankees’ fans are having to dig for things to complain about.  While I agree to most of it, I think he forgot one issue that will be a problem in thr future if it isn’t corrected and that is Phil Hughes and his lack of innings. Today is August 25th and so far Hughes has thrown 8 innings in the month.  For the season he has thrown about 90 innings between the majors and minors.

This isn’t a problem right now, it is a problem for 2010.  We know the first three rotation spots are going to C.C., A.J. and Joba and I would put it at 60-40 that the Yankees bring Pettitte back.  That leaves one rotation spot and that spot belongs to Hughes.  The problem is Hughes isn’t throwing a lot of innings this year and that will impair his ability to throw a lot next year.  

The Yankees need to figure out a way to get more innings from Hughes.  Whether it is spot starting him after rosters expand or bringing him into pitch the 7th and 8th innings of games, they need to get creative.  Otherwise, we will spend all next summer playing the innings limit game again.