Further Evidence

Further Evidence that Jonathan Papelbon is a doofus. Basically Papelbon doesn’t think Billy Wagner would help the club and was entirely disrespectful, in my mind, when talking about the idea.

ESPN has the following quote from Papelbon on WEEI: "What has he done? Has he pitched this year? Is he ready to pitch or is he not? I think our bullpen is good where we’re at right now. Don’t get me wrong. But I guess you could always make it better. It’s kind of like the Gagne thing, I guess."

What is he thinking?  Isn’t Billy Wagner better than Enrique Gonzalez?  Seriously?  Isn’t he potentially better than almost anyone in the bullpen?  Why is he even talking about it?  He clearly lacks the "better left unsaid" gene.  Completely low-grade.

He toned things down again with the following to Providence Journal:  "We have a good dynamic down there in the bullpen and guys who work well together.  Is Billy Wagner a good pitcher? Will he bring more depth to our bullpen and make our bullpen better? There’s no question about it. But you still have to think about what we have now and what we’ve been able to accomplish to this point in the season."

Ok, Papelbon has spoken, the bullpen is the best ever and cannot be improved.

Granted, if the rumors are true that Wagner wants the Red Sox to guarantee that they A.) won’t exercise his 2010 option and B.) will not offer him salary arbitration.  The only way they agree to that is if the Mets basically give him away.  Silly demands for a player that wants to win, and more like demands from a pitcher that wants to get paid more money and doesn’t concern himself with winning.

So much turmoil, baseball ribaldry!