What Is Girardi Doing?

As I write this it is 3-2 heading into the 7th.  Normally, I would wait until after the game, but Girardi is managining this like he is drunk, so I felt inclined to post now.

Question 1: Bottom of the fourth, two outs with a runner on third, 8th-place hitter up for the Mets.   Don’t you walk him and face the pitcher? (He didn’t)

Question 2: Bottom of the fifth Gardner on first with one out and Wang batting.  Don’t you order Wang to take a pitch to let Gardner steal second before trying to bunt him over?  The worst case scenario isn’t that Wang doesn’t get the runner over, it’s a double play which Wang bunted into.

Question 3: You pull Wang for Coke to face two lefties (eventhough Coke is better against righties) and then the Mets put in a righty.  Two outs in the inning and you go to bring Hughes in.  Absoultely fine with that, but why would you double switch?  Girardi brought Hughes in and put Damon into left, moved Cabrera to right and took Swisher out of the game.  What did that all accomplish?  It moved the pitchers spot from the 4th all the way to 6th.  So for two lousy lineup spots you lost a good hitter and cost yourself a bat on the bench?  If the Yankees go 1-2-3 in the 7th, the pitcher won’t get up anyway and what are the chances Hughes is going to pitch more than 1-1/3?  You could then have led off the 8th with a pinch hitter anyway.  If the pitcher’s spot comes up in the 7th you could alway pinch hit then.  Plus, if the Yankees do go 1-2-3, the pitcher’s spot is going to come up in the 8th, just like it would have.

Maybe Joe is having an off night, but these decisions are weird.