Anyone catch Michael Kay’s home run call for A-Rod’s homer last night?  

Yes, from a fact standpoint, A-Rod caught Reggie Jackson on the home run list last night.  But, don’t we all agree that there is a huge asterisk next to A-Rod’s home run total?

And why would the Yankees (via YES) promote this achievement?  I know they cannot simply ignore it, but Kay’s home run call was over the top and there was delicious irony in the fact that he mentioned Rafael Palmeiro is next up on the list. 

The really interesting thing will be if Alex starts hitting those five "historic" home runs he gets money for in his new contract.  (Hitting #660, 714, 755 and tying and breaking the career record earn him $6 million a swing.)  You know the Yankees paid that money because they were expecting to make a bunch of money selling the bats, balls, cleats, etc., involved in those achievements.  But will anyone want that stuff now? 

I don’t know, but I don’t think we should be celebrating any of A-Rod’s career achievements in light of what he has admitted to doing.  I certainly hope that YES will ditch that "Chasing History" grpahic they sometimes show with Alex.