Let’s Think Outside The Box

Ok, so Brett Tomko isn’t that good.  Not a shock to anyone outside of the Yankees’ organization.  Will today’s performance make the Yankees realize that Tomko isn’t helping?  I have no clue, but just in case it does, how about this move?

DFA Tomko and promote Kei Igawa from the minors.  

I know, I know, Igawa is a HUGE mistake.  The Yankees threw money after him to counter the Red Sox Matsuzaka move and it blew up in their faces. They spent $26 million to win the posting and then signed the guy to a five-year/$4-million deal.  Let’s face it, at this point that money is a sunk cost.

And that is why the Yankees should promote Igawa to the majors.  Is Igawa better than Tomko?  I don’t know for sure, but I think he might be.  Brett Tomko is signed to a minor-league deal.  Igawa is signed to a deal where he is going to collect another $8 million from the team after this season.  If you think both pitchers have the same ability doesn’t it make sense to try the guy who you are paying the bigger salary to?  Maybe Igawa comes up and surprises everyone by getting outs.  In that case you can try and trade him and get some of that $8 million back.  More likely, he struggles and you need to get him back to the minors. That would mean passing him though waivers and I would bet not a single team would take on that $8 million obligation. 

So, what’s the downside?  I guess it is you lose Tomko.  You certainly won’t lose Igawa and maybe you catch lightning in a bottle.  Aaron Small, Shawn Chacon, it has happened before.  It isn’t likely, but why not try it again?

BTW- June 25th is a big day for the Yankees.  It is the day that Cody Ransom is eligible to come off the DL and I would bet anything that it will mean the end of Berroa’s tenure in pinstripes. It’s sad it has come to this, but getting Ransom back is a big plus for this team.