Why Play With 24?

So Melky "should" be ready to go after 5-7 days of rest.  That’s the good news, the bad news is the Yankees are going to do nothing with the roster for now.  So, for the next week or so the Yankees are going to play with three outfielders- Damon, Gardner and Swisher.  That’s it, so if someone gets hurt, like Damon almost did in tonight’s game, you probably can expect to see Ramiro Pena trying to play the outfield. 

Now, add in the fact that Shelley Duncan has hit 15 homers in AAA and I don’t get it.  Do we really need Angel Berroa clogging up a roster spot? Isn’t the logical move to DFA Berroa and add Duncan to the Yankee roster?  I would guess that Berroa’s time with the club is going to come to an end Friday when the Yankees hopefully activate Posada, but I am hopeful the memory of Damon crashing into that wall spurs the Yankees to change plans.  I understand wanting to keep three catchers on the roster right now, but how about this?

DFA Berroa, promote Duncan, activate Posada and DFA Tomko or Veras.  They can go with 11 pitchers until they feel Posada is ok.  Then DFA Cash and bring up another reliever.   Or, bite the bullet and DL Melky now, just don’t fool around with only 12 position players- it’s too dangerous.