Edwar Is Out

Or should I say Bruney is back?  Thankfully, they put at least a temporary end to the Edwar era.  I like the kid, I wish him well, but he doesn’t belong in a big league pen. Yes the strikeouts are nice, but 19 HR’s in 93 IP is not good enough for the bigs. 

Now, the question is who is going to step up behind Bruney and Mo?  Coke has been bad in May.  Albie doesn’t look like he wants to throw strikes.  Veras is the same way and Tomko just strikes me as a sucker’s bet.  I would like to see Aceves get a shot, see him try some late inning situations.  The guy seems to have the nerves for it and he gets the job done.  Of course that leaves you without a long guy, but isn’t that a role Tomko could fill?