‘Bout Time

MLB announced today that games for this year’s World Series will start just before 8:00 pm ET, compared to recent start times which were about 40 minutes later on average.

This is a long time coming and while it might hurt revenues in the short run, it will help expand fan loyalty for years to come.  We’ve talked about this at length, but just how, in the past, did MLB expect to get young kids interested in baseball if the first pitch was just around bedtime?  Sure the West was in good shape, but the population density on the East can’t be ignored.

I still think compressing all US times zones into 1 during the World Series would be far easier.  Heck, let’s compress all international time zones too while we are at it.  Baseball is, after all, the 2nd (or 3rd) most popular sport in the US and must be in the top 15 worldwide…top 25?  It has to be top 50.  Come on now.

Good work MLB.