The move are Berroa, Robertson and Melancon to NY. Wang on the regular DL, Ransom on the 60-day DL and Humberto Sanchez released. They must have been very down on Sanchez to just release him instead of DFA-ing him and getting ten days to see if they could trade him. Berroa is starting at third which should be an adventure More later

It’s Berroa

Angel Berrora is on his way which is an interesting move because he has played third for a total of one inning in his career.  Does this mean Pena is the starting thirdbaseman right now with Berroa backing up the middle infield?  What happens if Pena gets hurt?

No word yet on the 40-man move made to add Berroa.   

UPDATE: Pete Abe is reporting that Melancon is on the way to Boston.   That must mean Bruney is going on the DL as well, ugh.  So in the span of 24 hours, the Yankees have DL’ed three players and they need to add two of the replacements to the 40-man roster.  On the plus side, outside of Austin Jackson, there is no guy a Yankees’ fan is more interested in seeing than Melancon.  The Yankees see him as their next closer and he has been electric at Scranton, 17 K’s in 10 innings and a spotless ERA.  I would expect Albe gets the 8th inning for now, but Melancon could move into that role soon. 

Moves Coming

Bruney has a "cranky elbow" according to Joe Girardi and wasn’t even in Fenway tonight.  Cody Ransom is probably out for "awhile" with a quad problem. Wang is going on the DL and Robertson is being called up. 

The Wang move is obviously temporary, Phil Hughes is most likely going to get the start on Tuesday.  Bruney’s elbow is a HUGE concern because he has become a great option in the 8th.  On the plus side, Albie looks pretty good right now.

Ransom’s injury is interesting.  If they have to make a roster move who comes in to play third?  I have already voted for Eric Duncan, but that would require a 40-man move.  They could add Juan Miranda and have Pena play third, but that wouldn’t leave any depth at middle infield.   

So, expect a bevy of moves tomorrow.   


First Guess

It’s 10:27pm and Rivera just finished the 8th inning.  I just want to know, why is he in there?  I am assuming Bruney is hurt and that is the reason he didn’t pitch the 8th.  But, Albie was two strikes from getting out of the 8th and he got pulled.  That didn’t make sense to me and with Ellsbury up, why wouldn’t you go to Marte if you didn’t trust Albie with an 0-1 count?  Strange moves by Girardi in my mind and I hope it works out.  I just hate bringing in Rivera for the 8th, he never seems the same in the ninth. 

Sadly, I was right to worry- on to extra innings.

Uh Really?

I can’t believe Michael Kay just said this:

"Now the Yankees played the Red Sox at the end of last season. And there’s something very special about that last game.  And the thing was, that was the only game in Derek Jeter’s career where he actually knew coming into the game that that was the last game of the season.  The Yankees never went to seven games in a World Series so he never knew it was a last game.  When they lost in the playoffs he never knew it was a last game.  Last year’s last game was the only time he knew going into a game that that was going to be it for the year." 

I try and block out parts of 2001 for obvious reasons, but that World Series happened.  Amazing that the Yankees’ play-by-play guy doesn’t seem to be aware of it.   

I Love Tivo

Sports fans have been given a ton of great stuff in recent years.  HDTV gives you a fantastic picture.  The internet makes it easy to follow your team and read about them on great blogs (shameless plug) But there is nothing better than Tivo, or any type of DVR, because it allows you never miss a game, a play or a moment in a game.

I am giving thanks for my Tivo today because I have two events I want to watch tonight.  The first is obvious if you read this site.  But as much as I want to watch tonight’s game, there is something I want to watch more, the Rangers-Capitals game.  Normally, baseball comes first, but playoff hockey trumps regular season baseball so I will be watching the Yankees-Red Sox game on delay.  Thank you Tivo!

Speaking of the Rangers, something occured to me the other night when I went to their game.  (Andy talked about great sports days the other day, Wednesday was one of those for me.  Came home from work, caught the bottom of the 14th and then headed to the hockey game)  The great thing about MSG is the way it is designed, the luxury boxes are at the top of the arena.  That means that from the ice to the roof, you only have seats and seats full of screaming, passionate fans.  I haven’t been to the new Yankee Stadium, but I think they have put way too many expensive seats in the way of the real fans.  It seems like they have taken some of the homefield advantage away which is really a shame.  (And of course they are going to do the same thing at MSG)  

Anyway, enjoy the game, but don’t tell me what’s happening until tomorrow! 

An Entertaining Look

This is a great piece of fantasy from Gordon Edes (formerly of the Boston Globe) where he imagines A-Rod actually going to the Red Sox in 2004. 

It’s impossible to say what would have happened.  Looking back at the trade in 2004, I worte this as it was being concluded…

"If this deal goes through, the Yankees still do not own a free pass to the World Series.  The Red Sox have made some great moves this offseason and the playoffs always come down to pitching.  While the Yankees have added some great pitchers, health will be a factor in determining the success of this team.  If Brown goes down to an injury, ARod won’t be able to step in and replace him.  Pitching will determine how far this team goes, don’t forget that in the euphoria of the ARod deal. "

In 2004 the Red Sox had better pitching than the Yankees and they have had better pitching most of the years since then- that’s why they’ve won two titles and the Yankees haven’t.  I imagine they would have won it all in 2004, though I am not sure A-Rod would have been a help in the postseason.  It’s a fascinating discussion.  What would the Yankees have done if they hadn’t gotten A-Rod?  If the 2007 Red Sox with A-Rod had made the World Series, how would A-Rod have opted out of his contract during the game?  Maybe via text message?  Was Twitter around in 2007? 

Who knows, but despite Wang’s struggles and Sabathia’s slow start I think the Yankees have some very good pitching this year.  We will see if they show that when they head to Fenway tonight.   

Joba and KY

MLB Tonight had an interesting feature Thursday night that focused on the frequent high and/or tight pitches from Joba Chamberlain to Kevin Youkilis.  I believe the tally is 1 knockdown, a fastball behind the legs, a fastball behind the head and a beanball (upon further review, it wasn’t a beanball, but instead ruled a foul ball).

One of those knockdowns resulted in Joba getting tossed.  Obviously there is something between the two of them and with Joba vs. Jon Lester tonight at Fenway, we might see some fireworks. 

Joba has ok control, but no matter how much control you have or how wild you are, 4 pitches at or behind Youkilis suggests there is a problem.  Normally Red Sox fans would want Josh Beckett on the mound in such a situation as it seems he’d knockdown a grade schooler if he felt it necessary.  But Beckett has too much willingness to mix it up and would only manage to get himself suspended again.

I think Lester has a better chance of managing this situation as he’ll be a bit more thoughtful in how he chooses to retaliate should it come to that.

Finally, is it me or does Chamberlain seem best suited for the closer role?  Sure he can start, but it just doesn’t seem to fit.  I imagine if Mariano Rivera stays healthy, Chamberlain will remain a starter, but the minute Rivera struggles or gets injured, Chamberlain will be tabbed…and will look the part much more so that he does as a starter.

This Makes Sense

Check out this quote from Nardi Contreras about Chien-Ming Wang:

"Maybe it’s the arm strength, not getting enough innings pitched last year.  He hadn’t pitched in eight months. With arm strength, it’ll be easy for him to get the ball down. More arm strength, more velocity. The man didn’t pitch for eight months. It takes time to get it back."

Not sure why it took until April to figure that out, but better late than never I guess.  The question now is what do they do about it?  I would opt to DL Wang, recall Hughes and let Wang work things out in the minors on rehab.  The Yankees could also have Wang throw another extended spring game on Tuesday and then make a DL decision.  They could use Hughes for the start in Detroit on Tuesday in that scenario as well. 

Gabbard Back

Former Red Sox pitcher Kason Gabbard is once again a Red Sox pitcher.  The Boston Globe, via Dallas Morning News, is reporting that the Red Sox re-acquired Gabbard for cash considerations.

An interesting development given that he has major league experience and the Red Sox seemingly have decent starter depth, seemingly.  So let the speculation start.  Or maybe it’s because the Red Sox just released Davern Hansack when they promoted Jeff Bailey and they need that arm in Pawtucket.

Then again, word has it that Hansack will be re-signed to a minor league deal.  So wait, I’ve just gone full circle and feel a bit sick now…all the while not concluding anything.  Very typical of me.

Regardless of why, Gabbard is in the organization again.  Let someone else tell you why.

It needn’t be said, but what should be an entertaining series starts Friday at Fenway.  Get ready for 4+ hour games.