More Fun With Alex

Hey, remember Alex Rodriguez?  Quite fellow, never stirred the pot, a pleasure to hear about.  Well, the good news is he is playing in a rehab game today which means he should be back in the lineup very soon.  The bad news is Selena Roberts’ book comes out May 12 and the Daily News has a copy and has started to write about it.

Some of the stuff is not the surprising.  It claims A-Rod used steroids in high school and HGH in 2004. (Seriously, at this point can you honestly look at any player in baseball and 100% believe he is clean?  I know I can’t)  What is more distubring to me, is the allegation that he would tip his teams’ pitches to opposing batters in blowouts, hoping that would be done for him in return.  To me, selling out your own teammates like that is unforgiveable.  

As an added bonus, the book on A-Rod comes out the same day that the new book about Roger Clemens comes out.  Should be quite a day for baseball.