Interview With Girardi

YES just played this interview with Girardi about moving Joba to the pen.   

GirardiI think if you looked at his numbers as a starter and compare him to other starters last year, you would say his numbers are pretty special.  But, it’s it’s always heightened when you come in the eighth inning you’re only going to throw one inning.  I loved what he did in both roles last year and that’s something we’ve talked about we debated over and over.  Threw a pretty good game against Boston.  Threw a pretty good game against Kansas City.  I mean he has thrown some pretty good games for us he hasn’t necessarily been rewarded with wins but he’s thrown pretty well. And it’s hard to have that same presence outworldly as a starter because i think you would wear yourself out.  You can have it inside of you.  But you know this is something we talked about doing and we think he has top of the end rotation stuff and this is something he is probably going to grow and learn.

Question– Has his velocity been where you want it to be and if not will that improve?

Girardi– I think against Boston it was the best it had been and we’ve talked about how power pitchers take a little but more time than other guys sometimes and i think he was consistently 93 and i think it will continue to improve as the season goes on

Question– Can you envision any scenario this year in which he goes back to the bullpen?

GirardiWell thats not something i necessarily want to get into.  I mean we have five starters now and we will stick with those five starters.  You see what situation you have as the season goes on but right now we are sticking with those starters.  

I don’t know if that will put the rumors to rest, but I hope so.  Joba has 15 career starts with a 2.99 ERA.  If he kept that up he would win multiple Cy Youngs.  Let’s see him start a lot more games this year and then decide where he should end up, the bullpen can be a fallback option and too many starters would be a wonderful problem to have.