Why Blame The Bullpen?

I keep hearing how the Yankees relievers other than Rivera have been a disaster and the Yankees need to make changes.  But let’s look at some facts.  Last week the Yankees were 9-6 and feeling pretty good, now they are 9-10 and feeling bad.

But, Friday’s game squarely falls on Rivera’s shoulders.  If he does his job, that’s a win.

Saturday, A.J. couldn’t hold a 6-0 lead and gave up 8 runs.  You can blame the bullpen for what happened after that, but that game belongs on the starter.

Sunday, Andy Pettitte gave up four runs and Monday C.C. did the exact same. 

So, perhaps we are looking at this the wrong way?

Yes, there are question marks. But, when Bruney comes back things will be a lot better and let’s see what Melancon can do before we try and trade the whole bullpen and bring in new guys.  Better, let’s worry about the offense and things like A-Rod’s hip and why Girardi has given up on Gardner so quickly.