Well, Detroit Has An Ace

Ugh, ugh, ugh.  Not much else to say.  Well a couple of things. 

Pena plays third until A-Rod returns.

Cabrera at home this year OPS 1.555 on the road OPS .666.  In 1600 plate appearances he is a career .711.  I know Girardi thinks he is swinging a "hot bat", but maybe that bat is a creation of the new Yankee Stadium and it is too early to give up on Gardner?  (I will admit, Gardner isn’t doing much, but we know what Melky is)  

Sabathia pitched pretty well, not great, but at least he rested the bullpen.  

Tomorrow the Yankees turn to Hughes.  I hope that besides demoting Jackson, they consider cutting it down to 12 pitchers again.  The Yankees need another bat on the bench, especially with Damon banged up.