Citi Field

Andy and I braved the wind and the cold to go to Citi Field yesterday.  Actually, we didn’t have to brave much because we scalped amazing seats with a wonderful indoor option.  So, we would watch some baseball in our seats and then retire to the indoor bar for an adult beverage before heading back out to the seats.  In between adult beverages and sitting in the seats, we walked around all of Citi Field, let me share some impressions.

First, the Jackie Robinson Rotunda is spectacular.  It is the full height of the stadium and makes a wonderful entrance.  They are two video screens with highlights of Robinson’s career, pictures of him throughout his life and his quote "A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives"  There is also a big, blue "42" right behind the main escalators that was very popular with the kids to climb on. 

The ballpark has some interesting dimensions.  The upper deck overhangs the field about 8 feet in right.  The height of the outfield fence varies all over the field.  One complaint about the layout.  From the seat I was sitting in, which goes for somewhere between $105-$250 per game, depending on opponent,(not that I paid even half that) you could not see the whole field.  The rightfield corner is out of view.  Shouldn’t you get to see the whole field when you are paying over $100 per seat? The seats are very nice, comfortable and wide. It looked like all the seats had cup holders.   

There are tons of different food options and you can eat all sorts of different fare from hot dogs to crab cakes and lobster rolls.  One nice touch is the open concourses which allow you to keep an eye on the game while waiting in line.  There is a dunk tank, a couple of batting cages and a mini Citi Field for the kids to play on. I was struck by how many things there were to do that had nothing to do with watching a baseball game- and isn’t that the point of the whole experience?

I really enjoyed Citi Field and I think Mets’ fans- who had a dump of a stadium to go to, are going to absolutely love it.