$50 Million?

Pretty wild story from Jon Heyman about Stephen Strasburg and his reported asking price of $50 million.  The article made took me back about 18 years ago to the 1991 draft.  I still remember reading an article, I think it was in the Daily News, about the choice the Yankees had.  They were picking first and scouts were raving about two can’t-miss Hall Of Fame players- Brien Taylor and Mike Kelly.  Taylor was heralded as a left-handed Dwight Gooden, while Kelly was compared to Barry Bonds. 

Taylor of course blew out his arm in a fight while Kelly made it to the majors, but didn’t do much at all in brief stints in the bigs.  I have heard some amazing things about Strasburg and his abilties, he sounds like he would be an amazing pitcher.  But, considering the risks involved with pitching and the current state of the economy, I can’t believe he will come close to getting $50 million.  I would be amazed if he got even half that.  It should be fun to watch in June.