Apparently Plan B in the event of an injury to Rivera is Joba.  I just don’t get it.

Ok, I agree with the argument that Joba is probably right for the job, both makeup-wise and stuff-wise, but what about all the other arms the Yankees have?  If Joba is really going to be a starter, he needs to be left there on a permanent basis.  Marte has 36 saves in his career, Bruney has been impressive in pressure situations, everyone says Melancon is the next Yankees closer.  What about Phil Coke?  

The Yankees keep touting Joba as a frontline starter and they are going to kill that potential if they keep jerking him around.  Joba keeps talking about how happy he is to enter 2009 with a defined role.  The Yankees need to avoid changing that role.  If Mo gets hurt they need to find someone else to replace him, that’s the bottom line.